Daily life

Here are some practical information for your daily life in Fribourg.

  • Daily Life in Fribourg


    Trains: this is the most widely used method of transportation within Switzerland with lots of offers:

    • a Half-Fare travelcard enables you to purchase train, bus, and boat tickets across Switzerland at half price. It can be purchased at the CFF (train station) for one year. For young persons under 25 years it costs CHF 120.-, for all the others CHF 185.-.
    • The seven25 travelcard offers to young people under the age of 25 the opportunity to travel for free from 7 pm to 5am for CHF 39.- per month. Additional information: cff.ch/seven25.
    • Day-Travelcards allow you unlimited travel on the Swiss transport network (including buses and public transportation). These cards are available for CHF 40.- at the AGEF office (Miséricorde). It is strongly recommended to buy them in advance due to strong demand. They can be purchased two months in advance.

    Urban transportation: The TPF (Transports Publics Fribourgeois) handles the public transportation for the region. Tickets can be purchased at the automats, by sms or the app Fairtiq. For more information: go to www.tpf.ch/en. Prices of weekly, monthly or annual travel cards can be found on the page Frimobil.

    Bikes: Publibike is a system of bike rentals. Several self-serve docking stations (7/7, 24/24) are located all around the city. You can hire via app a bike or e-bike from one docking station and return it to another location.

    Opening hours for stores, banks, offices and post offices




    Post Office



    9am to 6.30pm / 7pm

    9pm on Thursday)

    7:30 to 18:30

    8:30 to 17:00


    8am to 4pm

    8:00 to 16:00

    (11:00 small post offices)






    The Coop Food Store at the railway station in Fribourg is open 7/7; until 9pm everyday and on Sunday until 7pm.

    Mobile phones
    There are several telecommunication operators: Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, Yallo, Lebara, M-Budget, CoopMobile, Aldi mobile. Some operators offer reduced prices to young people under the age of 26. Find the operator that is the most convenient for your needs and use. The prepaid card is the easiest option.

    Alternating Current (AC) 220 V / 50 Hz. As with most countries, Switzerland has its own type of electrical outlet and plug. An adapter and even a converter are sometimes necessary for appliances you wish to take with you.

    Rubbish Disposal Tax
    Rubbish bags are taxed in the Canton of Fribourg:



    Price for 10 rubbish bags

    Further information to be found:


    17 litres: CHF 10.50 / 35 litres: CHF 19.00

    at the following link


    17 litres: CHF 11.60 / 35 litres: CHF 21.00

    at the following link (p. 11)


    17 litres: CHF 11.75 / 35 litres: CHF 21.75

    at the following link

    Paper, carton, aluminium, batteries, PET bottles and glass are recycled.

    Fire Service Tax
    Everybody residing in the municipality Fribourg must pay the Fire Service Tax. Further information can be found on the following link (available only in French or German).
    If you receive the bill for this tax when you have returned to your country, the bank references required for payment via e-banking are:
    Service des Finances, Ville de Fribourg, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
    IBAN : CH2700260260386218B0K

  • Discover Fribourg

    Here are some addresses with useful information if you want to discover Fribourg and its canton.

    The city of Fribourg:
    Useful information on the city, its cultural events, its museums and its diverse activities: www.fribourgtourisme.ch/en or https://www.helloswitzerland.ch/home

    The canton of Fribourg:
    Useful information to discover the different cities of the canton and to have ideas for excursions outside the city of Fribourg: www.fribourgregion.ch/en

    Use the Fripass to visit the canton of Fribourg and enjoy free access to many tourist and entertainment attractions.

  • Events in Fribourg

    Events in Fribourg
    In the city of Fribourg and its region, a wide range of activities and events are on offer, whether in summer or winter.

    To keep you informed, we invite you to regularly consult the calendar of events of Fribourg Tourism for the city and Fribourg Region for the region.