End of placement

When your placement is drawing to a close, we would hope that you will have made the most of it and found it an unforgettable experience. 

Before you leave, do not forget the following.

  • At the University of Fribourg

    Transcript of Records

    At the end of your stay, the IRO will establish a list of all your grades called Transcript of Records.

    Once all results are known, the transcript will be issued, but not before February 15th for the Fall Semester and July 15th for the Spring Semester / Academic Year.

    You will receive the Transcript of Records provided once you have sent all the following documents to the IRO: 

     Notebook of studies:

    Fill in the Notebook of studies, sent to you by email by the IRO during the first week of the semester, by email to international-incoming@unifr.ch (Excel format) until:

    • for the autumn semester: 22nd December
    • for the spring semester and the academic year: 1th June

    The Notebook of studies contains 2 pages:

    • On page 1, read carefully the information provided. Do not forget to indicate to which address the Transcript will be sent (to your address or to the address of your university). For ISEP students, your transcript of records will be sent to ISEP. You also have the option to add remarks regarding your exams or your courses.
    • On page 2, please fill in the information related to the courses followed during your stay at the University of Fribourg, the BeNeFri courses and your personal data. 

    If you are a Double Degree or Swiss Mobility student, you do not have to complete the Notebook of studies. The faculty will hand them in the certificate of grades. Please contact the Dean’s Office.

    Final report :

    At the end of your stay, you must fill in a “final report” form:

     Experience survey (for all incomings)
    A link for an online survey will be sent to your Unifr email address. Please fill in this report and submit it until:

    • End of January for Autumn Semester
    • End of June for Spring Semester and Academic Year.

    Final report SEMP (only for SEMP students):

    At the end of your process, you have to upload an online final report. Please fill in this report and submit it until:

    • End of January for Autumn Semester
    • End of June for Spring Semester and Academic Year.

    Use this opportunity to let us know how we can make things even better for future exchange students.

    Without the final report, no Transcript of records will be established!
  • Accommodation

    Your rental guarantee (deposit) may not be refunded in full in the case of damage or insufficient cleaning. Please clean your room and the communal areas regularly and make sure they are clean when you hand in your keys.


  • Bank/postal account

    Bank/postal account
    Close the bank or postal account you opened on arrival.



    When you leave Switzerland you will have to announce your departure to the SPOMI:

    Students EU/EFTA

    Please send an email to Mr. Stulz: alexandre.stulz@fr.ch

    Students non EU/EFTA

    Please visit the SPOMI counter in person a few days before your departure. The SPOMI will give you a certificate of departure as well as various information related to the cancellation of your health insurance, etc.