Testimonials by International Students and Visiting Scholars

The University of Fribourg welcomes international students who are part of an agreement or exchange programme with one of our partner universities and visiting scholars from around the world who take up a research placement.


Gonzalo Gormaz, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago de Chile), spring semester 23 



Javiera Videla Sanz, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago de Chile), spring semester 23 

"My exchange stay in Fribourg was the best ever! This small town enchants with its medieval old town as well as with every modern-day convenience. I met the best people in the beginning at the intensive French course, and that allowed me to get to know some people from the Unifr and also from ESN better! I've been to many great places, not only in Fribourg, but also in Switzerland e.g. Lausanne, Zurich, Bern, Geneva... but the ones that caught my attention the most were definitely the most "Suisse” and small places like Gruyeres, Schwarzee, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, all very close to Fribourg. I really enjoyed this exchange experience a lot, the country, the courses I took at the University, the sports activities and the people I met!! Suisse, je suis amoureuse de toi ❣️" 


Anne-Sophie Arnotte, Université du Luxembourg, autumn semester 22 

"My stay in Fribourg has been quite the experience, I met wonderful people from all around the globe, everyone with unique backgrounds and cultural differences, which I was thrilled about and particularly fond of when first arriving to this beautiful city; I most particularly fell for the old city of Fribourg itself, with its preppy architecture and picturesque feel to it. There are loads of fun activities to do such as visiting the Musée d'histoire naturelle or the St-Nicholas Cathedral. As far as the classes are concerned, the professors were all pretty kind to me and their lectures extremely fascinating. They came off as very passionate about their subject, which made it nice to attend the lecture. Fribourg now holds a special place in my heart, I would do it all over again if I were given the opportunity to do so. ❤" 


Adeleye Dotun Adeyinka, Osmania University (Hyderabad), India, scholarship holder of the Swiss Confederation, 18-22 

“… Studying abroad at Unifr will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with other people of different cultures and backgrounds. The Fribourg-citizens are friendly, polite and warm to welcome international students. Plus, the amazing team at the international relation's office is always ready to assist." 


Anna Fischhaber, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Austria, academic year 20-21 

"Fribourg is a small and beautiful city where you can enjoy yourself. Also the surroundings are beautiful and worth a visit: lakes, beautiful countryside and a lot of cities that are easy to reach by train. As the university is not too big, you can easily get to know other students and the university offers a wide range of activities, workshops, sport courses, language courses. The Unifr has a lot of international students and the fact that almost everything is in two languages is something that I appreciated a lot." 


Julio Ismael Campos Ochoa, Benemérita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico, academic year 20-21 

"At the university, I liked most the humane and professional treatment of the professors that you can really feel from the first day of interaction. They are very well-prepared, everyone is an expert in their subject, but also, they treat you with understanding. There are things necessary to do for the class of course, and you can feel that Freiburg University is a hard-working university, but if something is not exactly as the professor foresees it, there is flexibility too, including the language difference part. I also like the modern facilities that cover every aspect not only of the academic side of the student but also the personal ones, for example, there is a big supply of sports to do and also psychological help if for somebody is necessary."  


Sopheap Kaing, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, scholarship holder of the Swiss Confederation, 19-22 

“I come from Cambodia, and I am a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Sciences at the University of Fribourg. This university provides me with an enriching and supportive learning environment. It offers a healthy and wealthy learning environment, including innovative teaching and learning, collaborative research, and a supportive and friendly environment. Besides academic life, I like hiking and strolling around the Lac Noir, Schwarsee, to listen to birds singing. Additionally, Fribourg is the best place to stay if you like cheese and chocolate. During my study in Switzerland, Oberhornsee is one of the most attractive places. I think hiking to enjoy natural views is the best memory of my stay. Therefore, I recommend you to come to study at the University of Fribourg to enjoy your academic life and natural views.”  


Fábián Gábor Mile, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, spring semester 21  



Geoffrey Legrand, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, scholarship holder of the Swiss Confederation, 21-22 

"As soon as I arrived, I discovered that Fribourg was a city of "bridges" between people of different languages, cultures and religions: it is really very enriching! In the street, you can hear French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese, etc. " 


Natalie Čulkova, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic, spring semester 21 



Aleksandra Konarzewska, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany, scholarship holder of the Swiss Confederation, 21-22 



Josef Schleef, Universität Leipzig, Germany, spring semester 21 


Mara Wehofsky, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany, academic year 21-22

"Fribourg offers the ultimate study experience: good courses, good campuses, and good interaction between the students. The possibility to study in three different languages makes just living here an experience as such, especially if you want to learn a new language, and the city as such offers a comforting living standard."

Lucie Černá, Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic, spring semester 21

"I enjoyed my stay in Switzerland very much, despite this difficult time of covid. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to study at the University of Fribourg and to travel around Switzerland throughout this unforgettable semester."