Grading system and credits

Assessment methods

You are assessed on the basis of oral or written examinations, and oral or written presentations produced during the semester.

Grading system

  Signification Grades UniFR
A Excellent 6
B Very good 5.5
C Good 5
D Satisfactory 4.5
E Sufficient 4
F Fail < 4


Credits system

The credit system is based on the European Credit Transfer System ECTS. European Credit Transfer System ECTS.

At the University of Fribourg, 1 ECTS credit is equal to 25-30 hours of academic work. The ECTS credits measure the total amount of work that you have undertaken (including hours present in lectures/seminars, as well as the personal time required outside tuition hours).

A degree-seeking student would have 30 ECTS per semester. Exchange Students usually take less as the teaching and learning is in another language. This has to be discussed prior to departure with the home university coordinator.

Transcript of records

A transcript of records (a list of marks obtained) will be sent to you at the end of your placement, based on your record of studies (carnet d’études). 

More information about the Transcript of records is available on this link – under “At the University of Fribourg”.