"I would suggest to study the curricula of the EBR and the available options. I would especially recommend this program to students who know what field of research they want to pursue and for students who want to continue in research. Since the master thesis project makes up a large part the EBR, I highly recommend to check out the research groups and their fields of research at the UniFR to identify possible labs for the master thesis project."

Reto Cola

"I find it is important to realise that the biomedical field is intrinsically interdisciplinary. It lies at the intersection of medicine and biology and requires the combination of several disciplines from pathology to cell biology to chemistry and even physics and material sciences. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an open mind when approaching biomedical research by collaborating and learning from various groups and disciplines to make your work more contextually accurate and practically relevant."

Safaa Bouheraoua