Medical studies at the University of Fribourg

The Section of Medicine is one of the two sections of Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg.

We are responsible for teaching, continuing education and research in the fields of human medicine, biomedical sciences and sport and movement sciences. We ensure their quality, train the next generation of academics, promote knowledge and technology transfer and strengthen innovation in these fields.

The Section of Medicine comprises five Departments. Also affiliated to the Section are the Institute of Family Medicine (IMF) and the National Reference Laboratory for the Early Detection and Monitoring of Novel Antibiotic Resistances (NARA).

Our research activities are in line with the strategic plan of the University of Fribourg. Life and material sciences have been defined as two priorities of the Faculty of Science and Medicine, and we are expanding these in the area of health.

The Section offers high-quality, renowned and innovative study programmes. At Bachelor level, this comprised of Human Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Sport Sciences and Movement Control. At Master level, the offer extends to the specialised MSc in Experimental Biomedical Research, the MSc in Sports Sciences and the specialised MSc in Digital Neuroscience. Since 2019, the Faculty of Science and Medicine also offers the 3-year Master programme in Human Medicine, which prepares students for the federal examination in Human Medicine. Postgraduate training takes place within the framework of doctoral schools in neurosciences as well as in immunology and cancer in collaboration with the Universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and the Università della Svizzera italiana.

People are at the centre of our academic activities. Not only as objects of study, but also as members of our community: as researchers, employees, students or partners. We address the considerable challenges in academia and healthcare to create a safe and productive environment for teaching and research.