Biomedical Sciences

Would you like to understand the functions of the human body and its organs?

Are you fascinated by the challenges of 21st century medicine?

Can you imagine a future career in basic or applied research?

The BeFri degree programme in Biomedical Sciences meets these needs by combining the teaching of state-of-the-art bioscientific research methodology with a basic medical education similar to that of a medical degree, which is geared towards an in-depth understanding of the functions of the major systems of the human body. The integration of these two areas of expertise will optimally prepare you for an academic or industrial research career. Taking complementary courses will also open up other career paths, e.g. in the field of health economics or scientific journalism.

Our strengths

  • Our Bachelor degree programme is still relatively new, but with a great track record: Since it was launched in 2006, it has continued to develop over the years, and more than 300 students have achieved a degree.

  • We place particular emphasis on deepening knowledge in the areas that correspond to the main research areas of the Section of Medicine: Neurosciences, cardiovascular system, metabolism, immunology and cancer.

  • With over 200 internship hours in a research group, we offer our students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with practical scientific research.

  • We offer personalised student support at a university of a human scale.