Federal examination in human medicine

The federal examination in human medicine provides access to further clinical training (residency). The MedPA (Art. 14) stipulates that the federal examination determines whether students have the knowledge, skills, abilities, social competences and attitudes required for the chosen medical profession; fulfil the requirements for the necessary postgraduate training. The content of the federal examination in human medicine is determined by the PROFILES competence framework. This national examination is conducted simultaneously and identically at the various medical training centres (including Fribourg) under the responsibility of MEBEKO. The examination consists of two parts a written examination (CK or "clinical knowledge") with 300 questions, spread over two half days a practical examination (CS or "clinical skills") with 12 OSCE stations, lasting half a day in total Both parts (CK and CS) must be passed separately in order to obtain the federal diploma (no compensation possible).

Registration for the federal examination

  • Who can register for the federal examination in human medicine?

    Students who have completed a degree in human medicine in Switzerland. Registration takes place a few months before completion of the Master programme. The university (responsible for the location) then confirms the successful completion of the Master programme to MEBEKO. Holders of a foreign medical degree. Doctors with a non-EU/EFTA diploma can register for the federal examination under certain conditions. Please consult the relevant page on the FOPH website

    Please note that different measures apply to doctors with a diploma from an EU/EFTA country. Consult the relevant page on the FOPH website for more information.

  • Where and when can I register?

    The registration period usually runs from December of the year before the examination until the end of March of the examination year. (See also the calendar below) The official dates are listed in the FOPH calendar

  • How high are the costs?

    The costs of the federal examination are made up of three parts:

    Registration fee CHF 200.- Nonrefundable
    Examination fee CHF 1500.- Refundable under certain conditions
    Printout of diploma CHF 500.- Not obligatory. A certificate of achievement will be issued

Federal examination in human medicine 2024

  • Calendar

    Registration deadline: 31. mars 2024 You can register online (voir liens importants). Please note that no late registrations can be accepted (the exam will only be possible the following year). Written exam (CK): 6. and 8. August 2024 (reserve date 27.08.2024)
    Practical examination (CS): between 2 and 4 September 2024 (reserve date 10.09.2024)
    Legal information: Only the dates published by the FOPH in the deadline table are binding.

  • Preparation for the exam

    A self-assessment website is available for the CK. A revision course to prepare for the CK exam is planned for the end of June 2024 (to be determined). A mock CS will take place on Thursday 22. August.

University of Fribourg representative for the federal examination

The federal examination is the result of co-operation between the universities and the federal authorities. The University of Fribourg participates in this development through the involvement of our representatives in the various working groups and commissions.

Responsible for the Fribourg site: Prof. Raphaël Bonvin, MD, MME

UniFr representative on the federal CK working group: Dr René Blumenthal

UniFr representative on the federal CS working group: Dr Antoine Meyer

UniFr representative on the federal working group on standardised patient trainers Isabelle Schouwey

And the many clinicians who contribute as experts to the development of the questions and stations and act as examiners for the CS examination.

Contact at the University of Fribourg :

University of Fribourg
Faculté des sciences et de médecine
Section Médecine - Med-Office
Federal examination
Ch. du Musée 8
1700 Fribourg


Contact the BAG :

Training department
3003 Berne


(registration, recognition of foreign diplomas)