Admission to the Bachelor in Human Medicine

Mandatory pre-registration for the Bachelor of Medicine

Online at swissuniversities from the end of November and until 15 February of the following year.

Admission conditions

All recognised Swiss educational qualifications that entitle a candidate to admission to a Bachelor degree course at the University of Fribourg are listed on the swissuniversities website.

Prospective students with a foreign educational background refer to the information provided by the Admissions and Enrolment Office of the University of Fribourg. They must also fulfil the conditions laid down by the cantonal ordinance [DE] regarding their admission.

Admission restriction (BMed)

Admission to Swiss medical studies (BMed) at the German-speaking faculties and at the University of Fribourg is subject to a study place restriction. Study places are allocated on the basis of the results of the Aptitude Test for Medical Studies (EMS). In 2018, around 3200 candidates throughout Switzerland applied for around 1200 places to study human medicine at the universities concerned (120 of which were in Fribourg). The admission rate was therefore 37.5%.

  • Preparation for the EMS and registration

    1. registration for the EMS

    At the beginning of April, swissuniversities will inform registered candidates in writing about how the modalities of the aptitude test for medical studies (EMS). Please register for the EMS on time according to this information.

    2. preparation for the EMS

    The EMS preparation programme is available to you:

    • The brochure Test-Info, available from swissuniversities

    • Information from the Centre for Test Development and Diagnostics (ZTD) at the University of Fribourg, which carries out the EMS throughout Switzerland on behalf of the University Council

    • Three published original versions of the EMS.

      If possible, work on a version under "near-serious" conditions. Ask your current school if and when a so-called trial run will take place.

      • Version 1: ISBN 978-3-8017-2777-2

      • Version 2: ISBN 978-3-8017-2778-9

      • Version 3: ISBN 978-3-8017-2936-3

    • NCWiki project

    3rd invitation to the EMS

    In June you will receive an invitation from swissuniversities with information about the test location.

    4. participation in the EMS

    You are taking part in the EMS. It usually takes place on the first Friday in July.

    5th result of the EMS

    If you are allocated a study place at the University of Fribourg, you must confirm this within 10 days of receiving the decision, otherwise the study place will expire. You will receive the decision and details of how to proceed from the Admissions and Enrolment Office.

  • Recognition of previous academic achievements

    An application can be submitted to the Studiengesuchskommission of the faculty for the recognition of previous academic achievements.