Department of Community Health (MPH)

The Department of Community Health is a window on the health of the Fribourg population. It was created in 2018 to enable the establishment of the Master of Medicine. Its tasks derive from the State Council's message of 3 May 2016 for the establishment of the Master of Medicine programme, including in particular two objectives that distinguish Fribourg from other medical training centres in Switzerland:

  1. consideration of the needs of the population for teaching and research

  2. promoting the choice of a career as a family doctor

To meet this challenge, the department has seven groups and a teaching platform:

The Department, which is now mainly involved in establishing the Master of Medicine (a unique training programme in Switzerland), will gradually expand its research around population health and primary medicine, while pursuing the specific areas of each research group.


Raphaël Bonvin


Medical Education; assessment, curriculum design; faculty development; wellbeing, mindbody and mindf...

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