Master in Sport Sciences

The Master in Sports Science was introduced because students need in-depth knowledge in a wide range of disciplines in order to understand the future challenges in sport and well-being. These include, in particular, movement (biomechanics, learning behaviour and motor control) and training sciences, neuropsychology (perception and control of movement) and sports pedagogy. The integration of the study programme in the Medical Section of the Faculty of Science and Medicine and the cooperation between the University of Fribourg and the Magglingen School of Sport (EHSM) offer students particularly advantageous teaching and research conditions in the field of movement and sports sciences.


  • Minors subjects
    Minors at the Faculty of Science and Medicine
    Study Programme ECTS
    Mathematics 30  |  60*
    Informatics 30  |  60*


    30^  |  60*
    Chemistry 30  |  60*
    Earth Sciences 30  |  60
    Geography 30  |  60*
    Special Biology (for Biologists and Biochemists) 30
    Biologie A 30
    Biologie B


    Biologie E (LDM)



    30  |  60

    Neurosciences 30
    Environmental Sciences 30  |  60
    Sport Sciences and Motor Control  30  |  60*

    ^ Mathematics recommended as a second additional/minor subject<br> * This study programme at Bachelor's level, supplemented by the corresponding study programme at Master's level, provides access to pedagogical-didactic training in the corresponding teaching subject as part of the Teaching Diploma for Matura Schools (LDM).

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Title awarded
Master of Science in Sports Science

Study language
French and German

Programme structure
90 ECTS credits
3 semesters full-time study

Start of programme
September or February

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