Internship in a research group

This internship only applies to students who have chosen the additional subjects BMS-A and BMS-B.

The internship in a research group offers students the opportunity to gain a first concrete insight into scientific research. Students are integrated into a research group (alone or in pairs) for this purpose. A list of research project proposals drawn up by the research groups in the Section of Medicine is distributed to the students concerned at the beginning of the academic year.

  • Contents

    The work to be carried out by the student as part of this internship is determined by mutual agreement between the student and his/her tutor. The latter is free to propose different activities. These normally include the following elements:

    • Literature analysis and brainstorming with the tutor(s)

    • Preparation of an experimental protocol

    • Active participation in experiments (as far as possible)

    • Analysing the results

    • Preparation of a written report (in the form of a scientific article)

    • Preparation of an oral presentation of 8-10 minutes (if possible in English) for the mini-symposium at the end of the sixth semester

  • Duration and deadlines

    The internship lasts approximately 230 hours (7.5 ECTS) and must be organised by the students and their tutors according to their mutual availability. The oral presentation usually takes place in May as part of a mini-symposium organised by the Section of Medicine. The written report must be submitted at the end of the spring semester.

  • Evaluation

    The work carried out is assessed by the reference person and the group leader using a corresponding assessment grid. The oral presentation is assessed by a specially appointed committee.

    The work is graded in its entirety. 25% is allocated to the oral presentation, 25% to the submitted report and 50% to the laboratory work.

  • Enrolments

    The individual projects and research groups will be presented at the beginning of October. You will then have 2-3 weeks to find out more about the projects that interest you, visit the laboratories and finally make your choice. When you enrol, we ask you to indicate three priorities (condition: the three projects indicated must belong to three different research groups). We will take your choices into account as far as possible, but it may not be possible to fulfil all your wishes. Further details will be provided during the information session.