Bachelor in Sport Sciences and Motor Control "Health - Performance - Research" option

The Bachelor in Sports Science and Motor Control Option Health-Performance-Research (BSc-Sport-GLF) (180 ECTS) offers a basic education in sport and movement sciences, in the propaedeutic subjects, as well as in other areas. This monodisciplyinary programme is aimed at students who wish to pursue careers in the field of physical activity and health, competitive sport or research in movement and sport sciences. The BSc Sport-GLF enables students to deepen their scientific education, such as the Master in Sport Science option "Health and Research".

Applicants for the BSc Sport-GLF programme are required to take an entrance test (TPMS) to assess their physical and motor skills. Passing this test is a prerequisite for definitive admission to this degree programme.

  • Training objectives

    By obtaining a BSc-Sport-GLF, students have the scientific foundations and general knowledge in their major subject and have a comprehensive overview of the field. They have acquired the competence to recognise technical interrelationships and have developed a critical thinking that allows them to deepen their studies or specialise in their field. They acquire expertise in a variety of codified or non-codified motor skills in different fields of activity.

    With each propaedeutic subject or elective course, students acquire basic knowledge in areas that are not directly related to the major subject, but facilitate their understanding. They also broaden students' academic horizons.

    Thanks to the bilingual training, students know the technical terms in both languages and are able to conduct a technical discussion in both German and French.

    The BSc-Sport-GLF enables students to deepen their scientific education, such as the MSc in Sport Science Option Health and Research.

  • Structure

    The Bachelor's degree programme BSc-Sport-GLF lasts 3 years (full-time study), which corresponds to 180 ECTS credits, of which 120 ECTS in sport and movement science (scientific training and practical-methodical training) and 60 ECTS in the propaedeutic subjects and elective courses.

Study programme and regulations

Curriculum [DE]

Attendance regulations [DE]