Mouse Phenotyping Platform

What we do

  • Provide access to EchoMRI Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Analyser with training on how to use
  • Provide help with experimental design and measurement strategies using the Promethion Metabolic cages (experiments are physically run by a dedicated technician)
  • Maintenance, quality check and troubleshooting on all instruments
  • Provide all relevant information and reservation calendar on our website


Who can access the core facility?

All research groups from the University of Fribourg and associated Institutes can get access to the facility infrastructure.

Our services are also available to external persons. Interested parties should directly get in touch via email.

Both internal and external groups will be required to pay a pay-per-use fee that can be requested via email and will be dependent on experimental size, complexity, and duration. Please contact us if you have any questions, ideas or particular needs.


How to access the Phenotyping platform for mouse ?

We recommend first time facility users and scientists who are unsure to directly contact us via email. Together we can determine the best strategy for your experiments.