Open IRIS - core facility management webapp

For the resource management, our core facilities use a web application called Open IRIS (Integrated Resource and Information Sharing). As the its name suggests, this application helps to organise access to shared resources and includes tools for the resources management.
The key features are:

  • Booking calendar
  • Issue tracker
  • Authentication with edu-ID
    (no manual creation of user accounts needed)
  • Manage access to resources (instruments, services)
  • Manage user affiliation (e.g. research group membership)
  • Quickstart - Facility Users

    As a user looking to book a resource, we recommend using the scheduler:

    1. sign in to
    2. navigate to Scheduler > Timeline.

    In the Scheduler search resource has its own panel where a number of icons allow to trigger different functionality where slots can be directly selected in the calendar at the bottom of the panel. Bellow in the table you find the key functionality and their respective icons.


    Icon Function
    Open a window with detailed information about the resource
    Make this resource a favorite (for filtering, easy access)
    Request training/access for a resource/instrument
    Book a resource (visible only with resource access)
    Report an issue (visible only with resource access)


    For more detailed and in-depth information, please be referred to the user guide on the IRIS wiki pages.

  • Information for Resource Administrators

    The use of IRIS for core facilities and shared resources is encouraged at the University of Fribourg. Each member of our university can create resource providers, services and resources following the admin guide and 'how to..' pages of the official documentation.

    The core facility members also have a chat group for mutual support.