Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Platforms

This core facility is dedicated to provide bioinformatics & biostatistics support to life-science researchers of the University of Fribourg. We are organised with two heads, one for the bioinformatics (Dr. Falquet) and one for the biostatistics (Dr. Rohr).

What we do

We offer the following activities, most of them are free (see Services page for more details):
  • Project planing and grant writing
  • Power analysis and sample size estimation
  • Software testing and development
  • Data management plan DMP and data deposit in public repositories
  • Data analysis (subject to a fee depending on the amount of work)
  • Training and Teaching

Who can access the core facility?

All research groups from the University of Fribourg and associated institutions can get access to the facility infrastructure following standard procedure.

Our services are also available to external persons & groups. Interested parties should directly get in touch via email.

How to use the core facility?

Contact us via email or phone or visit us during our BAOBAB meetings (see service page for details)!