Scientific Core Facilities emerged from the need to cope with the ever increasing technological complexity in academic research and more specifically in the domain of natural sciences. Using modern day technologies in science usually translates significant financial investments and the need for highly specialised staff. Traditionally acquiring, installing and maintaining scientific instrumentation was yet another task that fell in large part on research and teaching personnel. Nowadays core facility staff specifically aims to address the following points:

  • Facilitate (future) researchers access to state-of-the art technology accross the University
  • Share and disseminate technological expertpertise and the connected scientific topics
  • Accumulate and preserve know-how in an environment with frequent personnel turnover
  • Ensure quality control, maintenance and renewal of scientific equipment


The intersection between scientific research and technology is exactly where core facilities are situated. The main goal is to concretely implement experiments in order to make observations beyond the human sensory realm and to perform precise measurements.