Section of Medicine

The Section of Medicine is one of the two sections of Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg. The Section of Medicine comprises five Departments and the Institute of Family Medicine, and it works closely with various partner institutions. Its organisation is regulated in the statutes of the Section of Medicine and consists of the Section Council, Presidency, standing committees and the Med-Office as the administrative body.

The Section Council is the highest body of the Section. It is chaired by the Section president and is made up of professors and representatives of academic staff, students, administrative and technical staff and partner institutions.

The Presidency is the governing and executive body of the Section, dealing with all business delegated to them by the University, Faculty and Section. It consists of the Section president and two vice-presidents from to different Departments.

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission is composed of the presidents of the Departments, who also represent the Section in the Faculty Finance Commission, as well as one representative each from the academic staff and the students.

The Section Council appoints permanent study commissions and an examination commission and assigns them responsibility concerning the management of teaching. There are currently five study commissions. The study coordinators support the respective study commissions in carrying out their tasks.