Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and Appeals are formal procedures described in detail in the Statutes of the University of Fribourg of the 4th of Novembre 2016 (Art. 120 et 121).

  • Complaints

    Complaints can be made about assessments of evaluations, as well as decisions regarding the recognition of accomplished studies. The procedure is described in a specific Regulation of the Faculty.

    A prior Fee of CHF 50.- is collected upon the deposition of the complaint. No compensation is awarded.

    The complainant must pay the fee before the complaint is considered. Proof of payment must be added to the complaint. The fee of 50.- must be paid for each contested result to the account:

    IBAN: CH23 0076 8011 0055 6340 4
    With the indication « réclamation »

  • Appeals

    Appeals can be made with the internal appeals committee of the University regarding:

    • Decisions about complaints
    • Decisions of teachers that do not relate to exam assessments or other capacity assessments
    • Decisions about the admission to specific study programs
    • Other decisions that can be appealed based on the University, Faculty, Department or Institute regulations

    The appeal must arrive at the rectorate within 30 days of the decision.


    Université de Fribourg
    Commission des recours interne
    Av. de l'Europe 20
    CH–1700 Fribourg