The Central laboratory service (SciMed-shop) is located in the 1st basement floor of the Chemistry building PER10 and is open on Monday until Friday from 08.00 – 11.15 and from 13.30 – 16.00 (except in August).

The Shop sells over 3000 articles, among which are chemicals, Lab materials and consumables, Office supplies and IT supplies. Through the Web-shop-system, it is possible to issue requests and payments, and to place special orders.


The SciMed-Shop negotiates advantageous conditions for you with vendors. In addition, when buying through the SciMed shop, you do not pay the tax on volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Special waste, packaging and used materials can be brought to the Waste disposal center for elimination/recycling. A machine for the production of liquid nitrogen is also among the offered services.


For further information, please visit the  Web-Shop online or contact the collaborators.


COVID protection


  • Maintain a distance when waiting outside the shop (ground markings)
  • 2 customers maximum in the store
  • Disinfect your hands at the entrance
  • Disinfect the barcode reader
  • Disinfect the computer keyboard and mouse
  • Complete your shopping quickly
  • Finalize your order
  • Place the barcode scanner and magnets in the intended places
  • Exit the shop through the back
  • The shop is closed for customers from outside the University. We invite you to send us pre-orders by e-mail, which we will prepare for you.

Items ordered through the Webshop can be picked up directly at the counter.


Waste disposal center 

  • Maximum 3 people in the waste disposal area
  • Only one person in the Bunker
  • Respect social distances

Opening hours:
Mo–Fr 08.00 – 11.15
Mo–Fr 13.30 – 16.00
(only in the morning in August)

Tel. +41 26 300 86 79


Web-Shop  |  E-Mail

Waste disposal center

Opening hours:
We 10.00 – 11.00
Fr 13.30 – 14.30




Direction Nicolas Hoyler
Accounting Eliane Ody Bapst
Technical collaborator Catherine Macchione
Technical collaborator Géraldine Nicolet
Technical collaborator Alexandre Salzmann
Technical collaborator Céline Schuwey