Organs and commissions

Faculty council 

The Faculty council is the highest organ of the Faculty, in charge of all decisions that relate to it. It is lead by the Dean and is made up of the professorship, and representatives of the scientific collaborators, of the students, of the Fribourg hospital or the Fribourg network of mental health, and of the technical and administrative services. The competence of the Faculty council are described in the Statutes of the Faculty. The Faculty Council meets at least 3 times per semester on the dates indicated in the faculty calendar.


Section councils

The section councils prepare the points of the agenda of the Faculty council, advise and support the dean in their ordinary and important activities. The presidents of the sections and of the departments take part in it.



The Dean is the leading and executive organ of the Faculty outside of the competences of the central organs, the Faculty council, and the Dean's council. Their competence is defined in the Statutes of the Faculty. In their tasks, they are supported by the Faculty administration.


Dean's council

The Dean's council is made up of the Dean and two vice-deans from different sections. It assists and advises the dean in their tasks. The tasks of the Dean's council are described in the Statutes of the Faculty.


Commission for students' requests

The commission for students' requests is the organ of the Faculty which treats requests for the recognition of diplomas or partial studies, and which grants exemptions to regulations and curricula. A representative of the professors presides over it, and it contains one study advisor for each teaching domain. It examines filed request and issues propositions for the Faculty council.


Finance commission

The finance commission is at least made up of the presidents of the departments and is lead by the dean. This commission establishes propositions for distribution of the commodity credits between the two sections.