Master Thesis

As part of your Master's studies, you are required to write a Master thesis.


At the end of your thesis, you must fill out the form for the summary of the Master thesis and send it to the reference person in the field. Rename the document with your SIUS number, XX-XXX-XXX-XXX.doc (Please remove the "(FR)" indication).


This form is used:

  • by the thesis director to indicate your grade,
  • a control and data transmission form between the thesis director, the department secretaries and the Dean's office,
  • as a reference to indicate the title of the thesis on the attestation and on the Master's diploma.


  • The layout must be perfectly respected (layout, table, font,...).
  • If the document is not in the same format as the original document, it will be rejected.
  • The title must not exceed 255 characters including spaces.
  • The document is limited to one page.
  • If major corrections are required, the reference person will contact you.