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At the Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg, we teach the next generation of scientists and doctors, with a particular focus on life sciences, biomedicine, and nanomaterials. We train them to face the future challenges of our society.


"We should not forget that research should be curiosity driven"

Since September 2022, Michael Schüler has been a Professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Fribourg and the Paul Scherrer Institute. Interview

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Climate and energy crisis - who must act?

At SRF, Yves Bossart talks to sociologist Katharina Hoppe and environmental ethicist Ivo Wallimann-Helmer about responsibility in times of crisis.

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3 new SNSF PRIMA fellows at UniFR!

Three new Assistant Professors join the ranks at UniFR this year as newly-minted recipients of a prestigious PRIMA fellowship awarded by the SNSF: Prof. Jessica Clough, now Group Leader in Chemistry at…

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