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At the Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg, we teach the next generation of scientists and doctors, with a particular focus on life sciences, biomedicine, and nanomaterials. We train them to face the future challenges of our society.


Sleep to fight forgetfulness

Sleep and a drug for epilepsy reduce the excitability of nerve cells. The results of a study carried out on fruit flies by researchers at the University of Fribourg suggest that perhaps this approach could…

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How tactile vibrations create illusions

Researchers from UNIGE and UNIFR decipher how the amplitude and frequency of tactile vibrations can bias how the brain interprets them.

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A la découverte des arbres, «coeur vert» de notre planète

Les arbres sont un monde en soi: c'est le constat posé dans «The green heart of our planet - A journey through the world of trees». Ce nouveau livre de Gregor Kozlowski, directeur du Jardin botanique de…

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