Fribourg Graduate School of Life Sciences and Medicine

The FGLM is an interdisciplinary graduate school, which offers – on a voluntary basis – a coordinated doctoral program in the life sciences at the University of Fribourg. It addresses all doctoral students in the field of life science (including biology, medicine, biochemistry, bioinformatics, but also doctoral students in chemistry, physics, statistics and mathematics with a life science focus).

The aim of the FGLM is to complement the regular training of PhD / MD students in the life sciences at UniFR by fostering and offering continuing education opportunities on a participatory basis. Doctoral students who are FGLM members have the unique opportunity to self-organize activities such as workshops, seminars, courses, social events, retreats, etc., with administrative help from the DepBL and with an annual operating budget.

Another major goal of the FGLM is to offer doctoral students an attractive course program, where they can follow various scientific and soft-skills courses.

A third part of the FGLM is a formalized system of regular thesis committee meetings. Membership in the FGLM is not compulsory for you to get your PhD – but we strongly encourage you to become a member.

Membership is open to all PhD/MD students performing research in the life sciences at UniFR. If you want to become a member please check out the downloadable documents (especially the bylaws) on the right and please send an email to the FGLM administrator, Rachel Sauge.

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