Pavillon Vert

The Pavillon, located in the botanical garden, is a space for conferences, seminars, festivities, meetings, and discussions for the members of the Faculty and of the University.

Details about booking, prices, and usage rules are found in the Directives document.


  • Site map

  • Equipment
    • Multiusage room (70 m2) for 50 people max
    • 30 seats (tables and chairs for 30 and armchairs for 12)
    • Swedish stove
    • kitchen: stove with 2 plates, microwave, fridge, coffee machine, dishwasher
    • glasses for 50 people, dishes for 30 people
    • wheelchair accessible bathroom
    • beamer, projector, screen, flipchart
  • Building map



  • History of the Pavillon Vert
    • In 2000, Mrs. Mach-Gaensslen donated CHF 100'000 to the Faculty of Science for a project of its choosing.
    • For the use of this money, the Faculty collected projects.
    • The winning project suggested the renovation of the Pavillon in the Botanical Garden in order to turn it into a meeting room that can be used for seminars, discussions and special event and celebrations. The project was named «PAVILLON VERT».
    • A commission made of representatives of the University buildings service and of members of the Faculty elaborated the Plan in 2003.
    • The furniture, appliances, and tableware was acquired thanks to the generous support of additional donors for 40000.-
    • The PAVILLON VERT was inaugurated on the 15th of October 2004