Our strengths


At our Faculty, you can have a personal connection with teachers and researchers.

We favor the personal supervision of our students, which is a major advantage of a smaller Faculty.


At our Faculty, we foster critical thinking, communication skills, and teamwork.

The teaching philosophy of the Faculty rests on four pillars: promote intellectual autonomy, translate knowledge into practice, communicate effectively and work as a team.


At our Faculty, we favor "teaching through research".

Your studies at our Faculty prepare you for an independent career as a researcher. Teaching and research are fundamentally linked at our Faculty. Through the importance that is given to research activities, the Faculty attracts internationally renowned scientists.


At our Faculty, we encourage great personal flexibility.

You can build your own studies by combining two or even three study fields. This allows you to acquire specific skills depending on your plans for the future, and to become part of an interdisciplinary scientific community.


At our Faculty, we communicate ethical values.

The University of Fribourg is anchored in a humanist tradition. Its values are also those of our Faculty.


At our Faculty, you benefit from a multilingual environment.

At our Faculty, Bachelor level courses are taught in French and German. English is also part of your day-to-day life since it is the common language of science. English is also the teaching language at the Master and Doctorate level.