The CSWM of the Faculty of Science and Medicine is the representative body of scientific collaborators (middle management). It represents their professional and scientific interests to the CSWM presidency of the university, which then passes them on to the political authorities and in the public sphere.

One of the key tasks of the CSWM SciMed is to propose representatives to various faculty, section or departmental committees, whether for appointments, promotion, structural and administrative choices, strategic planning or other types of decisions.

If you are a CSWM SciMed, you can access the list of current committees, including those for which we are looking for representatives, via the link on the right. We strongly encourage you to consult this list regularly and to apply to represent CSWMs on these committees.

The presidency of CSWM SciMed is at your disposal for any questions you may have.


Jihed Sehli and Andrea Di Luca, presidents CSWM Scimed

Documents of the CSWM SciMed

(Limited access, key received by email)