Study advisors

For questions related to the choice of study fields and the organization of your studies, study advisors are available. Please make an appointment with them. Study advisors can also give you information about mobility.


Biochemistry   Dr. Alessandro Puoti
Biology   Dr. Alessandro Puoti
Biomedical sciences   Dr. Patrizia Wannier
Chemistry   Dr. Albert Ruggi
Earth sciences (Bachelor)   Prof. Vincent Serneels
Earth sciences (Master BEFRI)   Prof. Walter Joyce
Experimental biomedical research   Dr. Mélanie Kaeser 
Geography   Dr. Luc Braillard
Computer Science   Dr. Andreas Humm
Mathematics   Dr. Patrick Ghanaat
Medicine (Bachelor)   Dr. med. Isabelle Charrière
Medicine (Master)

  Dr. Colette Niclasse

  Justine Tinguely


Medical doctorate (MD)    Prof. Michael Walch
Digital Neuroscience   Dr Giuseppe Cuccu
Physics   Dr. Baptiste Hildebrand
Sport sciences   Dr. Xavier Chenevière
Environmental sciences   Prof. Ivo Wallimann-Helmer
Teaching at secondary level 1   Dr. Christoph Leuenberger
Teaching at secondary level 2   Mathilde Grousson