Graduation ceremonies


Twice a year, the Faculty awards students their diplomas during a formal ceremony. 


Participation requirements

To receive your diploma at the ceremony, you must have completed all of the requirements on time, have paid the fees, and have received your final attestation signed by the Dean.


Payment deadlines for ECTS

Bachelor: 26.09.2022

Master: 31 December


If you meet all the requirement you will receive an invitation per postal mail a few weeks before the ceremony.

 Next ceremonies

29.10.2022 | 10:00 
Bachelors of Science (except biomedical sciences)

29.10.2022 | 14:00 
Bachelors in medicine and biomedical sciences

11.02.2023 | Time to be defined 
Master of Medicine and MDs

17.02.2023 | 17:00 
Master of Science, PhDs and habilitations

  • Previous graduation ceremonies
    Bachelor 2021

    Ceremonies of 30.10.2021

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2021

    Ceremony of 20.05.2022 which gathered graduates of 2020 and 2021

    Bachelor 2020

    Ceremonies cancelled. Discover videos from the departments.

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2020

    Ceremony cancelled. Discover videos from the departments.

    Bachelor 2019

    Ceremonies of 26.10.2019

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2019

    Ceremony of 14.02.2020


    Academic year 2017-2018
    Bachelor 27.10.2018
    Master – Doctorates – Habilitations 15.02.2019


    Academic year 2016-2017
    Bachelor 28.10.2017
    Master – Doctorates – Habilitations 16.02.2018