Graduation ceremonies


Twice a year, the Faculty awards students their diplomas during a formal ceremony. 


Participation requirements

To receive your diploma at the ceremony, you must have fulfilled all the requirements within the deadline: you must have acquired (and therefore paid for) the credits for your study programmes and received your final attestation signed by the Dean.


Payment deadlines for ECTS

Bachelor: 25.09.2023

Master: 31 December

Deadline for final submission of doctoral thesis

Doctorate: 31 December (Please note: Make an appointment if you wish to submit your thesis in the last week of December)


If you meet all the requirement you will receive an invitation per email a few weeks before the ceremony. Please make sure to update your private email address in MyUnifr.

 Next ceremonies

19.10.2024 | 10:00 
Bachelors of Science (except biomedical sciences)

19.10.2024 | 14:00 
Bachelors in medicine and biomedical sciences

08.02.2025 | 10:00 
Master of Medicine and MDs

08.02.2025 | 14:00 
Master of Science, PhDs and habilitations

  • Previous graduation ceremonies
    Bachelor 2023

    Ceremonies of 28.10.2023

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2023

    Ceremonies of 10.02.2024

    Bachelor 2022

    Ceremonies of 29.10.2022

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2022

    Ceremonies of 11 and 17 February 2023

    Bachelor 2021

    Ceremonies of 30.10.2021

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2021

    Ceremony of 20.05.2022 which gathered graduates of 2020 and 2021

    Bachelor 2020

    Ceremonies cancelled. Discover videos from the departments.

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2020

    Ceremony cancelled. Discover videos from the departments.

    Bachelor 2019

    Ceremonies of 26.10.2019

    Master-doctorates-habilitations 2019

    Ceremony of 14.02.2020


    Academic year 2017-2018
    Bachelor 27.10.2018
    Master – Doctorates – Habilitations 15.02.2019


    Academic year 2016-2017
    Bachelor 28.10.2017
    Master – Doctorates – Habilitations 16.02.2018