Study without maturity (30plus)

The University of Fribourg allows the admission to Bachelor Programmes for people without maturity certificate who are over 30 years old.

This possibility of studying in our Faculty without fulfilling the general admission requirements is offered to people who are particularly interested in the sciences. Medical studies are excluded.

Instructions for the elaboration and submission of a complete application file can be found in the  Règlement relatif à la procedure d'immatriculation des personnes sans maturité ayant 30 ans révolus. The admission procedure is also described there. The specific admission procedure offered by our Faculty is in the form of an exam, discribed in the directives. Only complete applications will be processed.

The guidelines for the language requirements can be found here

The deadline for the Faculty of Science and Medicine to submit an application for the following year is 31 December. No exceptions can be made to the deadline.

Once the application has been received and the deadline has passed, the Faculty will contact you.



Mathilde Grousson 

 Address for submission


Faculté des sciences et de médecine
A l’attention Mme Mathilde Grousson
Ch. du Musée 8
CH–1700 Fribourg