A word from the Dean


Despite their small size, mammals were able to assert themselves over other bigger animals, especially thanks to their capacity to adapt and their wide use of ecological niches. As a small University in a competitive environment, the University of Fribourg can find inspiration in the story of mammals. The Faculty of Science and Medicine relies on its existing strengths, like the bilingualism, which opens professional doors for our graduates, or the advantageous teacher-to-student ratio, which allows for levels of interactions with teachers and supervision, which students might not find elsewhere.


In my role as Dean, the maintenance and expansion of our high-quality teaching will be a priority. In Fribourg, Natural sciences and Medicine are part of the same Faculty; this is an advantage for both domains and opens perspectives of interdisciplinarity in teaching and research. Excellence in research is also essential to maintain our competitiveness; I was happy to see the nomination of many creative and active new professors over the course of the past few years. Are you considering studying at our Faculty? Would you like to know more about our research? Visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us


Prof. Gregor Rainer, Dean of the Faculty
August 2019