We are pleased to announce that the pre-registration (on-site or online options) for participation in the IPA Action Group Rock glacier inventories and kinematics Workshop III is now open. The Workshop III will take place during the EUCOP 2023 in Puigcerdà (Catalonia, Spain) on 17 June 2023 (from 9:00 to 18:00 h). Please note that the pre-registration for the RGIK workshop is not a registration for the conference (for conference registration please use this link).

You are invited to pre-register your interest in participating in the RGIK workshop III using the following form:


The preliminary programme of the workshop is:
- RGIK Action Group Introduction: background and timeline / objectives (coordinator: Sebastián Vivero)
- RoGI summary of results / example of applications and training tools (coordinator: Christophe Lambiel)
- RGV summary of results / presentation of final documents (coordinator: Line Rouyet)
- Future long-term governance of RGIK: discussion and appointment of a new committee (coordinators: Cécile Pellet & Reynald Delaloye)


For related questions, feel free to contact us:   rockglacier-ipa@unifr.ch