Landslide (sagging)

Altitude: 2560-2660 m  -   Massif: Valais Alps (Mischabel)  - Commune : St-Niklaus (VS)

The motion of the Längenschnee landslide (sagging), located at an altitude of about 2600 m a.s.l. on the western slope of the Gugla summit, is regularly surveyed by means of DGNSS since 2007. The surveyed marks are concentrated in a central part of the landslide (which is not the fastest zone) and also, since 2016, along the Europaweg path. Permafrost is likely to occur in a large part of the moving mass.


  • Measurements and observations

    Geodetic (GNSS)

  • Figures

    Measured horizontal flow field (annual velocity).



    Annual surface 3D velocity. Mean of a set of points selected in various parts of the landslide.



  • Collaboration

    Gemeinde St-Niklaus

    Kanton Wallis – Dienststelle für Wald, Flussbau und Landschaft (DWFL)


    Further measurements are undertaken by the Federal Office for the Environment and ETH Zurich.

  • Publications