Cold scree slope

Elevation: 1570-1670m  -   Massif: Fribourg Prealps  -   Commune: Haut-Intyamon (FR)

Mid-altitude ventilated scree slopes have been the object of thermal measurements from October 2004 to October 2011. The airflow inside those scree slopes is reversible. It flows downwards while air temperatures remain above approximately +4 °C and upwards in the reverse case. As a result, lower sections stay constantly cold, while in the upper sections of the scree slopes freezing occurs but very occasionally.


  • Measurements and observations

    Thermal (ground surface temperature: GST)

  • Figures

    Daily sub-surface temperature of the Drudzes talus slope.



    Mean annual sub-surface temperature of the Drudzes talus slope.



  • Collaboration
  • Publications

    Morard, S., (2011). Effets de la circulation d'air par effet de cheminée dans l'évolution du régime thermique des éboulis froids de basse et moyenne altitude. PhD thesis, Fac. Sciences, Univ. Fribourg, GeoFocus 29(pdf)

    Morard S., Delaloye R., Lambiel C., (2010). Pluriannual thermal behavior of low elevation cold talus slopes (western Switzerland). Geographica Helvetica, 65/2, 124-134. (pdf)