Active rock glacier, debris-covered glacier

Elevation: 2440-2680m - Massif: Valais Alps (Mischabel) - Commune: Randa (VS) 

The Chessi rock glacier is located alongside the Gänder rock glacier. It is a rock glacier-like landform characterized by a long tongue, which develops in a continuum of the Chessi glacier forefield (today is the glacier mostly debris-covered). It also presents some morphological features that indicate glacier-permafrost interaction (morainic crests, push-moraines) dating from the Little Ice Age. The first displacement measurements (DGNSS) were conducted in 2009. Chessi is also a pioneer place for geoelectrical investigation in alpine permafrost.


  • Measurements and observations

    Geodetic (GNSS)

  • Figures

    Measured horizontal flow field (mean annual velocity).



    Annual horizontal surface velocity. Mean of a set of points selected in the most active part of the rock glacier.



  • Collaboration

    Gemeinde Randa

    Kanton Wallis – Dienststelle für Wald, Flussbau und Landschaft (DWFL)

  • Publications

    Fisch, W., Sr, W. Fisch, Jr and W. Haeberli. 1978. Electrical D.C. resistivity soundings with long profiles on rock glaciers and moraines in the Alps of Switzerland. Z. Gletscherkd. Glazialgeol., 13(1–2), 239–260. (pdf)