Cold scree slopes

Elevation: 1630-1780m  -   Massif: Prealps of Fribourg   -   Commune: Haut-Intyamon (FR)

This mid-altitude site has been the object of thermal and geophysical measurements since 2001 in order to prove the existence of a ventilation mechanism inside the scree slope. The various measurements confirmed the existence of strong thermal differences, which are linked to the intra-scree ventilation mechanism,  partly connected to the underlying karstic network. This internal scree air current is reversible. It flows in a descending direction while air temperatures remain above 4.5 °C. In the opposite case the air flow is ascending. Subsequently, lower sections of the scree slope stay constantly cold and the snow stays for a longer period. In the reverse case, no ice can be found in the upper sections of the scree slope and the snow-cover disappears quite rapidly.


  • Measurements and observations

    Thermal (ground surface temperature: GST, BTS)

  • Figures

    Year-round behavior of the ground surface temperature (daily mean, GST) on the talus slope #2. Vud-01 is located at the bottom of the talus slope, whereas Vud-04 is situated in the upper part. When a snow cover is present, the winter ground temperature stays significantly above 0°C (diffusion of warm air coming from the talus or the subjacent karstic system at the base of the snowpack) at Vud-04, whereas it remains strongly negative (aspiration of cold air though the snowpack) at Vud-01. In summertime Vud-01 is constantly (much) colder than Vud-04 due to the discharge of cold air from the interior of the talus slope (consecutive to the deep winter cooling / freezing).



  • Collaboration
  • Publications

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