Published on 14.04.2020

European research project - predicting tomorrow's fashion

Imagine a smart computer that could explore the internet, then predict next year’s fashion in clothing. Who would be interested in such a software? For one, Zalando, the largest online European clothing retailer.

“Fashionbrain” is a project financed by the European Union with a grant of 3 million CHF, a collaboration coordinated by the University of Sheffield, including the Zalando company and researchers from the group of Professor Philippe Cudré-Mauroux at the University of Fribourg.   

The 3-year project has just reached completion. One of the outcomes is a study led by Drs Mourad Khayati and Ines Arous, using artificial intelligence to identify key “influencers” on the internet whose opinions are likely to be indicative of future trends. In a recent publication, they demonstrate how their software was able to correctly identify important fashion influencers by scanning millions of public online messages.


The Fashionbrain project

The publication  

The research group at Unifr