Dean's office team

 Prof. Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche


 Prof. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser


 Prof. Michael Walch




 Dr. Franziska Schumacher

   Faculty administrator, teaching course administrator


 Zübeyde Gökdemir

  Secretary, receptionnist, Pavillon Vert


 Séverine Romy

   Administrative collaborator – Reception


Administration of the Faculty and of students

 Marie-Claire Berger

   Dean's office assistant – Secretary of the Faculty Council, habilitations

 Eveline Burri

   Administrative collaborator – Accounting, appointments, doctorates

 Séverine Romy

   Administrative collaborator – Doctorates

 Mathilde Grousson

   Graduate administrative collaborator – transcripts and attestations, change of study program, DEEM information, student requests, 30+ admissions


 Léa Gujer

   Administration employee – transcripts, attestations and Diplomas


 Esther Mauron

  Administrative collaborator – Appointment committees, accounting

Communication, Web-Master et Informatics

 Dr. Désirée König

   Communication officer 

 Cyrill Mouthon

   Development of projects – analysis and programming

 Alexandre Vaira

   Informatics correspondent Dean's office, SciMed-Shop, DOKPE

Animal welfare

 Dr. méd. vét. Andrina Zbinden-Hauzenberger