Master in business Communication - 90 ETCS

The Master of Arts in Business Communication (90 ECTS) consists of three modules of 30 ECTS each.

Details of each course are available through course catalogue.

  • Module I : Communication (30 ECTS)

    Study Plan


    Five mandatory courses (15 ECTS)

    • Communication et business
    • Communications spécialisées
    • Communication, organisation et transformation digitale
    • Nouveau médias, médias et usagers
    • Mobilisation digitale et persuasion

    One mandatory seminar and seminar paper (9 ECTS)

    • Possibility to choose among the following seminars (3 ECTS) :
      • Seminar : Strategic Digital Communication
      • Seminar : Digitalisation et communication
      • Seminar : Communication en contexte politique
      • Seminar : Communication in Digital Context
    • One seminar from MKG
    • Seminar paper (6 ECTS)

    Two elective courses (6 ECTS)

    6 ECTS among the following courses or seminars, each one of 3 ECTS :

    • Corporate Social Responsability and Social Impact
    • Business Communication and Communication Management
    • One seminar of Master in Business Communication not already selected
    • One of the seminar or courses from MKG
    • One theorical or practical courses from Bachelor Sciences de la communication (in french) or from Bachelor in Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung (in german), never selected
      • For instance, among these practical courses: 

        - Laboratoire de communication appliquée

        - Event management

        - La mise en scène de l'information télévisée

        - Video et Reportage

        - Communication orale

        - Communication écrite

        - Ecriture web

        - Conception Web
        - Communication et gestion de microentreprise


    • Traineeship (3 or 6 ECTS)

  • Module II : Elective (30 ECTS)

    The student chooses a specialization among the following offers :

    • Management or ;
    • Economics or ;
    • Ethics and Economics or ;
    • Business Informatics.

    Further information on the content of these specializations can be obtained directly from the pedagogical managers of the departments associated with each specialization.

  • Master thesis (30 ECTS)

    The Master's thesis is a personal research work allowing the student to conclude his or her training by applying the acquired skills.


    Important: a colloquium must be followed during the elaboration of the Master's thesis. The professors of the Department of Communication and Media (DCM) offer colloquiums. The schedules are accessible via the Faculty calendar. The fields of research of the Professors and teachers habilitated by the department to supervise master thesis can be consulted at their own pages before a possible contact.


    You must ...

    • take note of the general conditions set by the SES deanship
    • find a supervisor (either among the SES Faculty Professors or among the Professors of the Communication and Media Department), write the Master's thesis and register for the colloquium



    • if your supervisor is part of the DCM, you must follow the colloquium for which he/she is responsible.
    • if your supervisor is part of another department of the SES Faculty, you must attend one of the colloquiums offered by the DCM department.