Master in Communication and Media Research (started before autumn 2021)

The Master of Arts in Communication and Media Research in German and English language (some courses are also available in French) addresses students who want to expand their scientific qualifications with deeper knowledge of Communication Studies and applied research skills. According to their own preferences and interests, our students are given the opportunity to specialise in one of three core areas that will also be noted on their diploma:

  1. "Media, Politics, and the Economy"
  2. "Journalism and Organizational Communication"
  3. "Media Use and Effects"

The major (90 ECTS) can be combined with an optional minor (30 ECTS) in another branch, in German, French or English language. A minor (30 ECTS) in Communication and Media Research is offered for Master students with other majors.

  • Learning Outcomes

    The Master programme at the Department of Communication and Media Research (DCM) offers you a solid scientific education. Beyond acquiring knowledge you learn to critically analyse and independently research topical and societally relevant phenomena in media and communication. In small groups, you will acquire competences that are in demand in various occupational areas in the media and communication sector. Our dedicated team ensures diverse courses, excellent supervision and regular feedback.

    Our Master programme offers the freedom and flexibility you need thanks to the variety of courses offered and the possibility to determine your timeschedule yourself. A large offer of minor study programmes at the University of Fribourg enables you to complement your studies of communication according to your own interests

  • Career Openings

    The study programme is aimed at teaching profound scientific knowledge and methods and prepares you for careers in the fields of media management, journalism, politics, administration and NPOs, science, consulting in communication, public relations and communication management, marketing, market research and media planning. The possibility of the recognition of an internship offers opportunities to make contacts at an early stage with the media and communication practice.

  • Bilingual and Trilingual Studies

    The courses of the Master programme in Communication and Media Research are in German and English language. Minor branches and optional courses may be attended in German, French and English language.

    In the University of Fribourg's Master programmes, you can obtain bilingual or trilingual diplomas. If  the proportion of courses in the second language (German or English or French) is at least 40%, it will be officially mentioned in your diploma that your study at University of Fribourg was bilingual. For a trilingual diploma, you have to obtain at least 18 ECTS each in German, French and English courses (see art. 15 of the Faculty's organizational rule).