Bachelor in Communication and Media Research

Do you want to understand how media and communication work in the digital world? To develop new ideas and help shape the future of the media? Then our bachelor programme "Communication and Media Research" is just right for you. We offer you an in-depth examination of media, communication and the public sphere in the digital society. Our programme covers the entire range of communication studies. What effects does media use have? How do companies develop their communication strategies? What influence do the social media exert on political communication? What are the consequences of the online era for journalism? And what are the challenges for media policy?

We provide you with the skills crucial for analysing and dealing with current problems in a rapidly changing media world. In addition to first-class academic education, the Fribourg programme also offers you numerous insights into media and communication practice.

  • Profile of the study programme

    Media play a central role in modern societies. But digitalisation is not only presenting the media with completely new challenges; online platforms like Facebook are fundamentally changing public communication. Our bachelor programme «Communication and Media Research» at the University of Fribourg offers you an in-depth examination of of the operation and significance of media, communication and the public sphere in a digital context.

    Our bachelor programme covers the full range of perspectives in communication studies. We examine the function and future of the media and journalism in the Internet age. We look at the communication strategies of political actors and companies, as well as changes in their communication via social media. We deal with media content and analyse the use and impact of information and entertainment on people. And we examine the role of media policy and media economics for media companies and online platforms. With us, you get familiar with theories and methods that enable you to independently analyse current communication issues and develop new solutions.

  • Fribourg profile

    Comprehensive, analytical, practical, personal. That's our bachelor programme "Communication and Media Research" at the University of Fribourg:

    • Comprehensive: Our bachelor programme provides a broad basic knowledge about societally relevant media and communication phenomena.
    • Analytical: You will acquire key skills for understanding and explaining media and communication in a digital society. The programme focuses on the actors, content and effects of public communication, as well as its social, political and economic context.
    • Practical: In contrast to other universities, studying in Fribourg does not only offer you a first-class academic education, but also provides you with valuable insight into media and communication practice thanks to the strong focus on pressing issues in our research and numerous practical courses (e.g., video or online journalism).
    • Personal: In our programme, we place special emphasis on interactive and innovative teaching methods and excellent mentoring of our students.

    The language of study is German. Starting in autumn semester 2022, a French-language bachelor programme in Communication will also be on offer, providing the unique opportunity in Switzerland to study this subject bilingually (diploma with the distinction "Bilingual curriculum, French/German").

    Studying in Fribourg also offers the opportunity to spend an exchange semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities.

  • Learning outcomes and career openings

    Studying with us perfectly prepares you to meet new challenges in a rapidly changing media world. In the bachelor programme "Communication and Media Research", you do not only acquire indispensable specialist knowledge, but also the necessary analytical and reflective skills to analyse and critically question current media and communication phenomena. You learn to ask the right questions, critically assess literature, conduct your own research, present the results of your work in a manner appropriate to your target audience, and derive insights for politics, media and society. In this way, you acquire the knowledge and skills required in numerous professional fields in the media and communication sector.

    Accordingly, our bachelor programme "Communication and Media Research" opens up excellent career prospects for you. Our graduates work in media management, journalism, public relations and communication management in companies, NGOs and public administration, marketing and market research, opinion polling and social research, communication consultancy, politics and public administration, and also in academic research.

    The bachelor programme "Communication and Media Research" also gives you access to a master's programme in this or a related discipline at the University of Fribourg or other universities in Switzerland or abroad.

In Fribourg you can complement the bachelor programme "Communication and Media Research" with one or two other study programmes according to your own interests, such as Economics, Management, History, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Business Informatics or Computer Science, or languages.

Students in other major branches can choose "Communication and Media Research" as a big or small minor (60 respectively 30 ECTS).