Department of Communication and Media Research (DCM)

The DCM aims at teaching and research in the field of mass communication as well as providing a scientific education for students who are interested in jobs of all kinds in the communication sector. 



Open PhD Position at the DCM

In the field of political communication and media (Prof. Dr. Alexandra Feddersen), 100% over five years, start date October 1st, 2021, or to be agreed.

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Prof. Robin Mansell awarded honorary doctorate by the University of Fribourg

Following the suggestion of the DCM, the University of Fribourg's Faculty Management, Economics and Social Sciences has awarded its honorary doctorate 2020 to Robin Mansell, professor of «New Media and…

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Florence Van Hove est lauréate du Prix de la meilleure thèse SSCM

Le prix a été décernée pour son mémoire "Médias d'actualité, journalistes et publics sur Twitter: vers un renouvellement des relations?" réalisé au DCM sous la direction de la prof. Prof. Dominique Bourgeois.

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