Mobility in foreign countries

1. Information gathering

Students inform themselves at the International Relations Office about the possible programmes and host universities. They inquire about the admission requirements and visit the websites of the desired universities to assess the language requirements and to compare the compatibility of the study programmes with the local academic studies.

2. Application form

The students fill out the application form on their MyUnifr portal and remember to specify several desired universities if necessary. This dossier must be submitted to the faculty coordinator for signature. 

Procedure for mobility applications

You can send applications for different programmes.

 Pay attention to the deadlines of the International Relations Office!

3. Preparations

  • Check the semester and exam dates.
  • Register for language courses if necessary.
  • Don't forget to plan your budget.
  • Think of accommodation and the necessary identity documents.
  • Contact student organizations (e.g. the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network, ESN,
  • Wait for the answer from the host university, but react immediately if the answer does not arrive on time!
  • Stay in touch with the International Relations Office.

4. Learning Agreement

After an answer from the International Relations Office reagrding the definitive host university, students can gather course descriptions of the courses they want to attend (content, ECTS, type of exam, ...) from the Internet, information from former mobility students etc., prepare a learning agreement online and submit it to the faculty coordinator for validation.

Download Learning Agreement

Changes must always be approved by the faculty coordinator.

5. Recognition

After returning: Send the transcripts of the host university to the faculty coordinator. Electronic versions of the transcripts of records are only accepted if they are sent directly by the administration of the host university.

Only sufficient grades will be taken into account.


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