Requirements for admission

The doctorate is reserved for the holders of a Master's degree (licentiate or diploma) who wish to perfect their education by a specific research. The degree of Doctor of Economics and Social Sciences (Dr.rer.pol) or Doctor of Social Sciences (Dr.rer.soc.) is granted, by award, to the candidate who, in accordance with the regulations, has succeeded in his/her thesis defence and whose thesis has been submitted, accepted and published.

There is no deadline for registration to doctoral studies.

To be eligible to doctoral studies, you must:

  1. be presented by a professor of the Faculty and
  2. hold a Master's degree of the Faculty with an overall mark of at least 5.00, or hold another University Master's degree and have obtained at least 60 ECTS in economic and/or social sciences with an overall mark of at least 5.00; and
  3. be eligible to doctoral studies in the home university.

MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) are not accepted as condition of entrance. Access with any other previous university education is reserved.

The Faculty (by its Admissions Delegate) must have accepted the proposal signed by the doctoral supervisor and, where appropriate, by the council of the relevant department.
The SAI (Office for Admissions and Registration) receives the authorisation from the Faculty, must verify the diplomas and original certificates, and then carries out the registration at the University.