Bachelor in Economics

The Bachelor programme provides an in-depth training in economics, and additionally covers the fundamentals of business administration and quantitative methods. The focus is on solving economic and societal issues in companies, households, government institutions and markets. The approach is based on the analysis of human decision-making processes as well as the optimal use and the effect of economic resources, e.g. labour and capital.

Some questions addressed in this programme relate to broad economic relationships: What determines prosperity and the distribution of wealth in a country? What influences the exchange rates and trade flows between nations? How do firms acquire market power and should when should the state regulate them? But there are also more specific questions that are addressed: What effect does education have on income, health and crime? Because of what characteristics are some companies more successful than others? Which kind of interventions work in developmental aid?

To answer such questions, the programme provides theoretical concepts as well as data-based (i.e. empirical) methods and puts students in a position to understand economic problems, to analyse them autonomously and to derive advice for action for companies or politicians. The inclusion of real life cases makes it possible to practically implement the knowledge that has been acquired, and the excellent student-to-teacher ratio allows for interactive teaching styles.
The Bachelor programme in economics combines modern teaching and research with the humanistic tradition of the University of Fribourg.

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