The study programmes offered at the Faculty of management, economics and social sciences include economics, management, information systems and communication and media research. Our professors, researchers and PhD students introduce state-of-the-art scientific knowledge into their teaching and thus ensure the excellence of our study programmes.

Strengths of the Faculty

Research and Practice

Internationally renowned professors and lecturers present the latest research results in their lectures, seminars and exercises, combining both theory and practice. Senior managers from successful companies regularly visit the Faculty to give lectures and share their experience with the students.

Diversity of Languages

In addition to degrees in French or German, the Faculty offers the option of a bilingual degree within its Bachelor programme. At Master level, there is a comprehensive set of courses available in English, German and French, so that in addition to monolingual Master’s degrees, bilingual degrees  and even a trilingual degree  are available. This represents a unique opportunity to develop language skills while studying.


Especially in the Master programmes, students can costumize their study programme and select from a wide range of courses from different departments and even from other faculties within the University.

Ideal Size

The size of the Faculty guarantees an optimal student-teacher ratio and a personal contact with the professors, also enabling an intense interaction between students and lecturers during the courses.

Intercultural Experience

The Faculty welcomes students from all over Switzerland and more than 60 countries worldwide, providing a very international environment.

International Mobility

Many students take the opportunity to study one or more semesters abroad. The Faculty cooperates with host universities all over the world and even offers double degrees together with European partner universities.


Facts & Figures 

(September 2022)

  • 35 professors
  • Approx. 120  researchers including PhD students
  • Approx. 1450 students, of whom 49% are women and 51% are men
  • 80% Swiss students (including 30% from the canton of Fribourg and 70% from other cantons) and 20% foreign students
  • 37% German-speaking and 51% French-speaking and 12% Italian- speaking students