Recognitions of examinations


  1. Transcript: Students must contact their home university to collect the necessary transcripts (with marking scale) for recognition of their examinations.

  2. Course description: Students must also collect descriptions of each course in their home university (content and hours / weeks / ECTS).

  3. Application form: Students should mention on the appropriate form (also available at the Dean’s office) courses taken at the home university that they consider equivalent to those provided in Fribourg.
    Application form
     No courses that have already counted once for a diploma will be recognised!

  4. Application for Recognition: Students must send a written request for recognition to the Admissions Delegate describing their situation and attaching the application form duly completed. The various documents required above shall constitute the students application file for recognition. Students will send it by post mail to the address below or deposit it to the Dean’s Office SES.

    Chantal Achermann-Kaiser
    Décanat SES, Pérolles 90
    1700 Fribourg

  5. Recognition of examinations: Recognition is processed and approved by the Admissions Delegate and is transmitted to the student.