Seminar papers and internships

Seminar papers

The lecturer manages registrations for the seminar paper and may establish guidelines with regard to topic, elaboration deadline and presentation.

Download forms for the recognition of seminar papers

Formular für eine optionale Seminararbeit im BA in Volkswirtschaftslehre (Studienpläne ab HS 2018)

HES Complementary programme to Master studies

Master Minor in Business Informatics

BA in Communication and Media Research

MA in Communication and Media Research


  • Master students in Information Management must complete a compulsory internship as described in the detailed programme of the Master.Download form

  • Students in Communication and Media Research completing an internship according to their study plan should follow the the regulations on internships of the DCM department and download the respected form.Download form

Documentary skills

  • Mandatory courses for students in economic and social sciences 

  • Mandatory courses for students in communication and media research

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Course dates and registration (de)

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