Bachelor in Economic and Legal Studies

The Bachelor in Economic and Legal Studies is a new type of study, unique in Switzerland, in which the most important aspects of business administration (or management), economics and law are combined efficiently. During the course of their studies, students can acquire the most important concepts in these disciplines.

Management deals with all decisions that are made in the company: Production, finance, marketing, human resources, strategy, accounting and controlling. The solutions developed aim to optimize the use of resources or to achieve optimal compromises to achieve various goals. Traditional for-profit companies, non-profit companies, authorities, hospitals, associations and international organisations are offered concrete and pragmatic solutions.

Economics look for solutions to economic and social problems. For example, the behavior of the actors in the event of scarcity of resources, the interpersonal relationships in the company or the state institutions, as well as the role of the markets and other coordination mechanisms such as state intervention in economic and social processes are examined.

Finally, in the field of law, the properties and basic functions of law as a social system are examined. The students deepen their knowledge of the various areas of law (public law, criminal law, European law, civil law) and particularly the historical development of law in the political, economic and social context.

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