Information concerning the end of studies

Study validation – Final certificates

The validation of studies is managed by the Faculty's Examinations Delegate, once the studies are completed.

After the validation of all the performances required in their curriculum, students receive (within one or two weeks) a final certificate confirming the successful study completion and a transcript of records with all detailed results.

Continuation of studies – Master or doctorate

In order to pursue studies with the SES Faculty, a change of program is required on MyUnifr. Bachelor's students in the early Master's programme must also change their study path and register for a Master programme.

There is no specific deadline for changing your program, but it is recommended to do so before the beginning of the next semester.


Students who have graduated or who are pursuing studies at another university must submit an application for a simple deregistration or a deregistration with refund via MyUnifr. Once the exmatriculation has been validated by the Admissions Office, a certificate mentioning the deregistration will be available on MyUnifr.


Diplomas are awarded once a year in October at the official degree ceremony. The date of your graduation is mentioned on the final certificate. It is not possible to pick up your diploma before the graduation ceremony.

An invitation to the degree ceremony will be sent to you one month in advance. Please check your mailing address on MyUnifr and change this information if necessary.